Piroshky in the Park

Summer has been awesome…can it really already be the end of August!? I have been so busy this week (what’s new?) trying to squeeze it all in. Monday I spent a chunk of my day in the SeaTac airport accompanying my minor cousin to her gate for a very delayed flight. Not too fun to roll into work late but it was nice to spend some time with her. Monday night was a treat: I got to go out on the racing catamaran Drangonfly…one of the fastest racing cats on the west coast. We sailed around Lake Union in the 90 degree afternoon…so awesome. I even got to sail her for about 30 minutes…really fun. It was like a Hobie Cat on steroids…40 feet long and 26 feet wide with a huge net trampoline. Really fun and a perfect day for it.

Tuesday night was dancing night! We went downtown to meet up with Matt’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend (also named Lauren) at Pike’s Place Market. Matt and I went to get some piroskys for dinner and found a picnic table to sit on near the viaduct to eat. We munched and talked and watched the boats cruise around Elliott Bay. What a beautiful evening. This was the last Tuesday night dance in the park…maybe Matt can get a Thursday off later this fall to go dancing on Thursdays. He is hooked on it and we are having so much fun. We danced in the park to a live swing band until after sunset, and made our way home to crash. I have been exhausted all week. I guess that is what happens when you go nonstop.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from one of my dive buddies, Jim, seeing if I could make time for a dive that evening. I said sure and we packed up his boat and headed to Alki Reef. Sadly, the current was far too strong…I jumped in in my drysuit to test it and could barely get back to the boat even with my fins on. Dive aborted, but I got to drive the boat back! We are going to try getting out again tonight, so fingers crossed the current has died down. Matt and I made fajitas after the dive…word of advice: whole wheat/corn tortillas are not the greatest. They were pretty good anyway though.

We finally heard that Troy is coming home on Sat! He is safely in Chile and flying out tomorrow. Phew…I cannot wait to see him. I am going to head up to my parents on Saturday to say hi, get a haircut and spend some time with my family. I am getting tired of that drive. I need some sleep…Lauren is seriously dragging this week. That’s ok…I can sleep this winter.


3 thoughts on “Piroshky in the Park

    • They are awesome Russian pastries filled with meats, cheeses, and fruit…they are so good the shop at Pike’s Place is always out the door.

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