Girls Weekend

What happens when you get 5 girls together for a week of fun? Giggles, smiles, and crazy times! This past week my 5 cousins ages 13, 12, 11, 8 and 5 were visiting my parents in Ferndale. A week with Aunt Teri and Uncle Billy! Well, of course my dad gets called out of town on business so it was really house just full of girls. My mom carted them from one fun activity to the next: water slides, tide pools, tea parties, you name it! I was jealous enough that I took Friday off of work to hang out with them on their day trip to Port Townsend. I barely make the ferry as I careened into the parking lot minutes before it left. We went to Fort Warden for a picnic, then the marine exhibit, and finally back to Don’s Drugstore for ice cream sundae’s in the soda fountain! Great day. On the way home I stopped at Ross and had somewhat of a dress shopping spree…really fun and I found some good work and play dresses!

Saturday we woke up to another hot and sunny day and headed for the hills…literally! We loaded up the van with sleds and lunch and went up to Artist’s Point on Mt. Baker. Sledding in 80 degree weather!? Yes please! It was awesome. Then we hiked the Table Mountain trail for a stunning view of the valley and peaks around us. It is hard to compete with days and places like this. When we got down to sea level again we headed for the beach for a crab cookout. We got 7 beautiful Dungeness crab to go with our corn, baked beans and salad on the beach. My littlest cousin Genevieve really liked learning to kill the crabs…hummmm. Should we be worried? We made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows, and were treated to a brilliant clear night sky full of stars. We watched for satellites and the moon set was breathtaking. Snow, mountains, beach and a sunset and a moonset all in one day?! I love living in WA.


One thought on “Girls Weekend

  1. All we need now are pictures! Elizabeth and I layed in bed last night and I got to hear about so many funny stories ’til 11:30 p.m. I thought you told me she’d be wiped out!? It was an incredibly special week with some incredibly special people. thanks for your part.

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