Dancing Till Dusk: Seattle Summer

This is probably one of the best summers I have had in a LONG time. Work is going well, I am busy and active, and so happy. My weeks are filled to the brim with random activities that keep me moving around the city and spending time with tons of different people. Matt and I have been dancing in the park on Tuesday evenings, learning swing and blues dancing and having a ball. I started coaching a woman to swim as part of her triathlon training…I had forgotten how much I loved teaching swimming. We are just doing one lesson a week, but I really like it. My swimming has taken a spot on the back burner unfortunately. I have not found the time to get down to the pool or get to the gym at work. I need to get back into it before this December trip to the Caribbean sneaks up on me!

Last weekend I went to my parents to hang out with my grandparents and cousins from Boise. These 3 girls are awesome and so much fun to be around. They are moving to WA soon and I cannot wait to see them more often. We went to the beach to muck around in tidepools and collect sandollars. We totally made the most out of a drizzly weekend. The girls are at my parents all week, and are now joined by two other girl cousins. My mom is managing a house of 5 12-and-under ladies! Woohoo go mom! I am working a 4 day week to help her out on Friday. Another weekend at home will be fun, even if Matt does feel abandoned.

Troy is coming home next week, assuming he can make it across the border back to Chile within the next week. That kid is having some awesome adventures. I am excited to hear about them, and see him alive and in one piece. We are having dinner with our friend Marty (from St. Croix) on Wednesday and we are both really looking forward to that.

This summer is absolutely flying. I am not ready for it to be going this fast! The next few months are full of weddings, work, and a trip to the Caribbean (so excited…we get to go back to St. Croix for a day!). Maybe it is time for me to revisit my new years resolutions list/post and see what else I was supposed to be cramming in…oh, and I am drinking more water this year!!


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