Beach Nirvana

There is not much that beats a camping weekend at the coast with your best friend. Jenny and I peeled out of Seattle around noon on Friday to drive over to Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. Since the Port Townsend ferry is using a small boat, we decided to take the long way…50 extra miles but no ferries to contend with. Friday afternoon traffic in the summer is always bad on 1-5, especially when we know that we need to get to Mora in time to find a campsite. We stopped for lunch at Trader Joes in Olympia, realized we forgot a tarp and pillows so then stopped in Aberdeen for those, and finally made it up to Mora just after 6 o’clock to snag one of the remaining 3 sites. Phew. Huge sigh of relief. We pitched my tent (first time using it!) and got dinner set up. Jenny made spaghetti for the first night and it was really good. We popped a bottle of champagne to toast to our friendship and Jenny’s birthday…of course that did not go as planned either…the cork broke when we popped it and so had to attach the bottle with a knife, effectively getting everything sticky. We drank our champagne out of thermos mugs…classy camping style. I think we just really needed to catch up and back away from our busy lives in Seattle. We talked and talked and talked…campfires are great to talk around. We slept so soundly after all that talking and driving. We both needed it.

Saturday morning we slept in till almost 10, and then went to the beach to hike down to Hole in the Wall. The air was cool and it was totally fogged in. We made it to the Hole, climbed around on some rocks, found some cool wood for Jenny to take home to Brian, and then camped out for lunch on a huge log. Just when we started to eat the sun came out. Rialto is beautiful all the time, but when the sun comes out, it is breathtaking. We totally lucked out with our afternoon of sunshine. Jenny and I went back to the car to grab our swimsuits and went to the beach to catch some rays. As soon as the sun went behind the fog we were back in sweats and headed to Mora to cook dinner #2: chicken kabobs over the fire! Matt had helped me cut up all the veggies and chicken so it was a pretty easy but really yummy meal. We bought a six pack of Drifter to go with our kabobs and then realized that we did not bring a bottle opener. That led us to ask out Husky neighbors (painful for a Coug to do…) to borrow one and he ended up teaching us a really great trick…the metal latch in the car door is a perfect bottle opener! Brilliant! We roasted some massive marshmallows to make s’mores then curled into our sleeping bags for another good nights sleep.

10am Sunday morning we crawled out of the tent, broke camp, and headed to the beach for a half hour of chilly pondering. I love sitting next to the ocean, just listening to the waves and letting thoughts pass through my mind. It is so relaxing and that is what I needed. I found a huge log jutting out over the sand and climbed up to sit on the end of it. Total relaxation. Rialto beach is seriously my favorite place to escape. We are so lucky to have it so close.

When we got cold Jenny and I hopped back in the car for the long trek home. Traffic in Olympia was horrible but I made it back around 5 and stopped in the Fish Company to surprise Matt and say hi. That was pretty fun, I like going in there and he likes showing me off. I went home to clean my camping gear, air out the tent, and see my poor neglected kitty cat. Then I went over to Matt’s for dinner…he made really good halibut cakes from the shop. Yum. Phew, long great weekend. I am heading home for the next 3 so August is just going to fly by. I am making a point to enjoy every second of it.


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