Road Trip to Rialto Beach

  • Tent…check
  • Sleeping bag…check
  • Garbanzo bean cake…almost check

 I am off on a weekend camping trip with my best friend! Jenny and I are staying true to our routine and heading out to Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait. We did not think that we would be able to make it all the way out to Riatlo, but bit the bullet and put in extra hours this week so that Friday we could scoot out of the office for the drive. We are each in charge of one dinner, and I am making Jenny a garbanzo bean chocolate cake (one of our favorite recipes ever!) for her birthday which was on Wednesday. Road trip here we come!

 This week has been busy (what’s new?) with work and lots of fun stuff going on. Tuesday night Matt and I went dancing in the park, a free Blues lesson and 2 hour social dance, it was a ton of fun. I love all the outdoor stuff happening in Seattle in the summer. Last night was the TNT halfway party so I got to hang out with all my teammates. I miss seeing them at practice, and it was good to catch up now that I am no longer running.

 It has been so hot during the day that I have just been leaving my screen door open at night to sleep in the cool summer air. Alki likes it too…glad she has not figured out how to scratch the screen yet. This afternoon I am off to the store to pick up a few last minute camping supplies, packing the car and then getting a good night sleep before heading to Rialto tomorrow!


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