Busy Busy Weekend in the Sun

Last week I made my final decision to drop out of the marathon this season. My knees need recovery, and I was just not committed enough to pour time into training like I needed to. It was a hard decision but I am glad that I made it.

Friday afternoon Kelly and I went downtown for happy hour at Twist…of course we accidently went to the wrong place and ended up trekking 12 blocks through the city on foot, but it was actually really nice walking around after a long day. I got home around 8 and then went over to Matt’s and we made miso soup and watched a movie. Good end to a long week.

Saturday I got to sleep in! Woohoo! Slept in, taught a swim lesson at Colman Pool, went grocery shopping, rushed home to get my apartment cleaned for a BBQ, and then had a bunch of friends over for food and hanging out on the deck. We even broke out my fire pit and had a fire once if got dark. It was a beautiful night and a great group of people. Alki, who thinks she is an outside cat now, hung out with us on the deck and enjoyed the festivities too.

Sunday was another late sleep in day. I finally pulled myself out of bed around 10:30, tackled some of the dishes in my kitchen, went for a swim, then met Matt for his lunch break downtown, and then spent the afternoon lounging in the sun on my deck with Crystal. We cooked up some leftover BBQ food and basked in the sun. At 7 I jumped on the water taxi and went to the Sounders game with Kelly. Full, full weekend…but that is what summer is all about!

The next three weekends I am out of town: camping with Jenny, visiting with grandparents in Ferndale, then visiting with cousins in Ferndale. August is going to fly.


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