Recess @ Work Day

I completely forgot to mention our awesome day at work last Friday…Recess at Work Day! (did I mention I work for a really cool company?) Friday morning we got into work to find Kelly, my cube neighbor, putting together prototypes for a building made of soda straws and paperclips. The challenge was to build the tallest tower that would support and egg in 1 hour. The egg had to be supported for 2 minutes, tallest egg wins. We were bound and determined to have the sustainability group win this. While Kelly diligently devised a plan, I worked on some trash-talking posters to hang up around the office. Our group is the Sustainability Ferrets (don’t ask) and we were already being out-postered by the Service Sharks and KRC Koalas. That was a battle we were going to fight. Our group collectively searched for clip art of sharks and koalas to make a really awesome poster of a ferret with a green cape with blood oozing from its fangs. Behind him a dead shark and koala. All done in paint. Oh yea, quality tasteful propaganda. Awesome.

At lunchtime I played in the dodge ball championship game. We had been having our bracket playoffs all week, and my team made it to the finals. I took a really hard ball to the side of my face but we won!!! Woohoo!!! Totally worth an almost black eye…plus I got lots of sympathy from around the office.

After dodge ball we worked on the real tower. Our whole department helped out – truly showing our integrated design collaboration. We had an architect (Peter), financial analyst (Kelly), construction manager (Jen), civil engineer (Rishi), environmental/sustainability consultant (Me), owners rep (Mark) and an engineer (Scott…ok, well we borrowed him from the engineering dept). Our tower was defiantly the tallest…but proved to be the least stable and our egg did not stand a chance. We lost to some construction managers but it was a ton of fun.

From there we all headed back to our cubes to work (work? We actually work!?) but picked up some ice cream and chocolate milk and PB&J sandwiches as we passed through the wine bar. There were people playing guitar hero and riding around the gym on adult sized tricycles. It was a fun day. It is always nice to break up the daily grind at the office…even if it does mean dodge ball injuries J


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