Bathroom Makeover

I finally finished my bathroom makeover! The paint was done a few weeks ago, but the molding needed to be painted, cut and hung. My dad lent me his chops saw and nail gun, but I had not found time to get it all set up to use. This weekend, I made a point to change that. I busted out the extension chord, set up a work station in the deck and made my bathroom look FABULOUS! It is so nice to finally have it done and clean and all the “bathroom stuff” back in there instead of on my kitchen table. Alki was not much fo a help…she decided to jump on top of all the wed painted moldings…well she got immediately scooped up, taken outside and washclothed off. I was glad I caught her before she tracked white paint across the carpet. My apartment is almost back in order.

It was nice having it cooler today. yesterday was a long day in the sun. I went to TNT practice but am not allowed to run since my knee is really swollen. Not fun. I have been icing it alot and resting it but things are not improving. I may need to go see someone if it does not get better by this weekend. After helping at a waterstop for practice I went to the West Seattle Summer Fest to wander around in the sun. After that I biked over to Alki for a BBQ on my awesome purple cruiser bike, then went out to Portage bay for a BBQ and swimming in the lake with my friend Kelly. We went on a sunset cruise of Lake Union, the city was spectacular against the setting sun. Great end to a long but really fun day.


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