Dive #62 – Mukilteo Pier

I bailed on work early today to take advantage of the great weather and go diving with my friend Luke in Mukilteo. My drysuit finally is repaired and working perfectly…now to perfect my buoyancy in it! I do not have a ton of experience in diving dry since so many of my dives have been in warm places. It is a lot more gear, weight and things to think about in cold water.

Luke and I went for crab and got 3 legal size ones. It was pretty cool chasing them around the ocean floor. We saw mating crabs, females covered in eggs, a few large-enough males (those went in the bag!) and a ton of other cool critters. The floor was covered in huge clam shells…tons and tons of them. Skittering around on top of them were 1000s of tiny almost translucent shrimp. They are so fast and jump out of the way as you move through. There were also tons of flounders and a few other fish. One massive 2 foot long sea cucumber covered in red spikes. Luke and I both forgot to take lights so we did not explore under the pier…save that for next time.

It is so fun having my own gear and just being able to dive whenever I find buddies to go with! I realized today how perfect my apartment is for a dive girl to live in: the back deck is great for rinsing all my gear and letting it dry. Perfect perfect place for me!

Yay for the weekend! As usual…it is going to be busy!


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