Slow in the Fast Lane

I have started swimming again. I found an awesome pool in West Seattle. Colman Pool is 50m, outdoors, right on the water, and salt water. Awesome! It is just a few miles from home, and is a half mile walk from the parking lot so it is a really good combo workout and way to relax after work.

Today was a long day, very productive, but really busy and one of those days that you feel like nothing really gets done. I worked till 5 which is a long day when you are there at 6:45. It was also beautiful and sunny and HOT today which always makes me wish I was outside rather than in the office. After work I headed straight for the pool for master’s practice. I was one of two women there, and picked the slow lane, and ended up being the end of that lane. Quite the switch from swimming on monday when I was one of the first in the “very fast” lane. I am not used to doing a real workout, especially in a 50m pool. I don’t like being last so it is incentive to keep going to practice!

It is a beautiful evening. Sunny and hot, eating dinner on the deck watching the water is great. This place is hard to beat! Alki has been wandering out to the seawall and laying in the dirt in my garden to escape the heat when I am home. She is pretty dang cute looking out over the water.


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