Fireworks & Rainbows on the Beach

Great 4th of July weekend!

We kicked it off with the International Beer Festival in Seattle (mom, dad and the Chaplin’s came down for our annual tour of beers). We wandered around tasting all sorts of brews, finding some good and some awful ones. The moms (our wonderful DDs) picked us up to head back to my apartment for a BBQ on the water. It was great hanging out with them. I don’t think I had really spent much time with Andrew since we lived on Alki.

I drove up to Ferndale that night, and greatly enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday. We ran errands, picked strawberries, I baked a great blue cake, and then we had a random group of friends over for dinner.

Sunday I must have been tired. I slept in till 9, ate breakfast, then curled up on the couch for a nap till 1! It was probably a good thing though, since we headed to the beach and stayed out watching fireworks around a bonfire till almost midnight. I love going out to Birch Bay for the 4th. It is a constant display of fireworks all night long all down the beach. The guy directly next to us had literally 5 wheelbarrow loads of fireworks. Just as the sun was setting, we got a rainbow swooping through the bright orange sky. How often do you get a sunset, rainbow and fireworks all at once!? It was pretty special.

I was pretty happy to have Monday off from work. I helped mom and dad get a load of wood then ate lunch with them and headed back to Seattle. I trekked down to Colman pool for a workout in the afternoon sunshine and then went grocery shopping before heading to bed. It was a good relaxing weekend. This week is supposed to get SUNNY! Like, actually sunny and hot!!! Woohoo! Maybe summer has finally arrived.


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