Back in the Water

I love diving! This past weekend I spent a small fortune to finish buying the rest of my dive gear, and then last night went to test it all out at Alki Beach. My buddy Jim and I got me properly weighted and then went for a 40 minute dive around Cove 2. It was pretty awesome being back in the water. The dive was not perfect though; my dry suit inflator valve was not working correctly and would stick in the “on” position filling my suit with air. It was not very reliable so I am going to get it fixed before diving again…safety first. It felt so good to be back in the water though, evening dive with a view of the Seattle skyline…this is an awesome place to live. Thursday is the opening day of crab season so a group of us are going up to Mukilteo to get crab and have a cookout…at least that is the plan at the moment. I probably won’t have my suit fixed yet so will probably be in charge of boiling water on the beach.

I can’t wait to have my gear working 100% and get out on more dives. One more thing to add to my filled schedule J


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