Where is Summer?

Seattle is being a tease…and being really good at it. It is supposed to be summer. Last year it was all sun and warm weather this time…not in 2010 apparently. We got a great summer day on Saturday…perfect day for hanging out the deck and having a BBQ. I thought the weather had finally decided to wake up and realize it was the end of June…well, waking up to grey skies this morning told me that this was not the case. Still, it made for a cooler morning run with TNT at Seward Park, and perfect afternoon for a sunday nap.

Yesterday I jam packed in all sorts of productivity. Drove to Lynnwood for the massive dive gear sale (check), spent an obscene amount of money buying dive gear (check), had a girls date with Lana in Bellevue (check), bridesmaid dress fitting for Alissa’s wedding (check), painted my bathroom (check), had a BBQ dinner with Jenny on the deck (check), watched a movie (check), good night sleep (check). Yes, productive, fun day. I love weekends like that.

Today was a bit slower. Went for an hour run at Seward, bought groceries, ate lunch, second coat of bathroom paint, read a magazine and took a nap, then woke up to get ready for dinner out at Cactus on Alki. Now I am cleaning my apartment and trying to remind myself that, yes, Lauren, you do have to go to work tomorrow. Dang, I could really use another day of weekend time.


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