Honors Posse Wedding Reunion

Roll back the clock almost exactly 5 years…I was at ALIVE…the orientation for college at WSU. I had just graduated from high school and was excited to register for classes, see my dorm, and then take off for a research trip in the Seychelles. Chaotic but really fun time. At ALIVE I met a guy named Bo who to this day is one of my best friends. We hit it off right away and decided to sign up for all the same classes. That friendship was combined with some other freshman during Honors orientation in August to form my core group of freshman year friends: the Honors Posse. Me, Bo, Trevor, Amelia, Justin and Katherine. The six of us made it through 4 years (some in 5) of life in Pullman, managing to stay friends even through the rough times. We built and slept in an igloo during the massive snowfall our freshman year, went to our first house parties together, dressed up for Halloween, ran around campus getting into semi-mild trouble, studied for hours upon hours together, and in the end, had a ton of great memories from WSU.

Last weekend was the first of the Honors Posse weddings…Katherine got married, the first real sign that our lives are going different directions. I am working in Seattle, Bo is off to medical school, Justin and Amelia are scattering to different states for grad school, and Trevor is going to work with big cats in Arkansas. It was fun to hang out with these amazing friends last weekend, and we would have loved to have had Amelia and Justin there to share it. Maybe at the next Honors Posse wedding…wonder who it will be…


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