Ski to Sea 2010

DBOM Squad vs. SODOlicious

We put together two teams at work for this year’s Ski to Sea race in Bellingham. Most of my teammates crashed at my parent’s house for the weekend and it was a blast! This was my 4th Ski to Sea race, but this time I tried a new leg…the cross country ski. It was so much fun being on the mountain and hearing the dynamite start for the race. The course was good, and it was a beautiful day. I kicked butt going up hills (all the marathon training paying off!). However I ran into some problems when my left boot broke about 2/3 of the way through the course. I had to limp/ski my way back to the finish line and lost a lot of ground. The rest of the team (DBOM Squad) made it up though, and we ended up finishing 162nd out of 450+ teams. And we beat SODOlicious! Awesome weekend! It is really fun having so many cool coworkers who will go out and do these sorts of things. We are stoked for next year, and have plans to do even better during the 100th anniversary!


One thought on “Ski to Sea 2010

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