Tour de Alaska!

I have been on the road and sea with my parents and grandma for the past 9 days touring around the state of Alaska. We started with a cruise from Vancouver, BC on the Coral Princess. We saw Skagaway, Ketchikan, Juneau, Glacier Bay and College Fjord before disembarking in Whittier. We saw whales, the old gold rush trails, lots of Alaskan fishing boats, and my favorite, the glaciers. Glacier Bay was awesome. Calving glaciers sending huge chunks of ice cascading into the icy water. Beautiful weather the whole trip, we really could not have asked for better. It has been between 60 and 75 every day, with glorious sunshine. We even ran into two of my high school friends who are driving tour busses in Juneau…walked off the boat and there they were! Totally unexpected…I knew they worked there but never dreamed I would actually run into them!

The cruise itself was fun, rather lacking in passengers my age which was a bummer, but I still had fun. People knew me all around the ship after I got hypnotized one night at the show. Joy. We would go out dancing in the evenings, I even got mom and dad to dance one night! We had a blast. I hung out with some of the cruise staff who were my age and that was fun. And of course we had way too much really good food.

Now we are on our land tour through Fairbanks, Denali and Anchorage, aka: lots of time in the car. Fairbanks we hung out with one of Troy’s old boyscout buddies, Josh, who is driving busses for Princess this summer up here. We got our own personal tour of this no-so-exciting place. Glad we saw it though. We went to the town of North Pole and were slightly disturbed with all the santa and candy cane paraphernalia around town.

Today we were in Denali, taking the green school bus tour of the park. It really is much more spectacular when you drive in. It was again a beautiful clear sunny day, and we saw moose, bears, caribou, fox, hares, and dall sheep. Things are just starting to bud out now, so it was still pretty barren looking. This park was not really what I expected (well neither is AK for that matter), not bad, just different from what I had pictured. I expected to be absolutely blown away. It is pretty, but I think we are spoiled living in Washington and so this is nothing too out of the norm. I think the cruise is defiantly the way to go, the AK coastline is far more impressive than the land in my opinion. It has been a great trip though. I am not ready to get back to work on wednesday…


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