36 Hours To Marathon!

Only 36 hours till I run the Eugene marathon! 26.2 miles…I have never gone more than 17 so this will be exploring totally uncharted waters. I am driving down with my mom in the morning and then rendevouing with my team in Eugene…GO TEAM! I can’t wait to see everyone excited and rocking their purple and green TNT colors for the race. Mom and I going to drive the course and scope out photo spots, then pasta dinner and try to get some sleep before the big day.

It was fun putting the personal touches on my race jersey tonight. Making my name in puffy paint on the front, and recognizing the people I am running in honor of on the back. My friend Marty who is fighting cancer, and my best friend from high school’s father who lost his battle with leukemia two years ago. I am running for them, I am running for me, and I am so excited to tackle this course in Eugene! Wish me luck!


One thought on “36 Hours To Marathon!

  1. Please run for my friend Connie, too. I just spent the week in Anderson with her — she had a brain tumor removed ~1 month ago and is half-way through 6-weeks of radiation & chemo. Cancer sucks.

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