Island Wood

Today I got the chance to visit Island Wood…an environmental education center nestled on 255 acres of beautiful Bainbridge Island. I went with some other people from McKinstry and Northshore School District to gather ideas for sustainable building ideas to implement in the school projects we are partnering on. I had never been across to the island, and so was pretty pumped to go for work. We took the 7:55 ferry over and had a pretty good tour. The main building was the first LEED Gold certified building in Washington state, pretty cool, and really demonstrates some of the best in sustainable design, from materials selection to the use of a living machine to process their waste water. I think my favorite was a river rock encrusted rain water cisterne…I am totally advocating for my parents to make one on their property. Also, it is a very beautiful campus, providing overnight camp like environmental education programs for local kids. Very cool. I was pretty impressed, and really wish that every person could experience education in a facility like this. There are so many important lessons, from understanding how water works, where food comes from, where waste goes, how ecosystems function, and then how you fit into it all. Very cool. Kudos to Island Wood for helping get this message out there.

Weekend plans…really just a run Saturday and then a run on Sunday. We will see what else comes up!


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