TNT Week

Rain. And more rain. What happened to the beautiful summer weather we had on Sunday??? I really need to get those peas in the ground…

Work has gotten off to a slower start this week. Yesterday morning I gave a presentation in Bellevue to a group of about 40 people. Nervewrackingly it was on a topic that I am only semi-comfortable with and my alarm went off and HOUR later than I expected it to, and had to be out the door showered and dressed in a total of 9 minutes. I made it though and the presentation went great! I was very happy with it and got some good comments afterwards. I met some neat people too, expanding my network around this area is always fun.

The middle of this week is totally Team in Training oriented. Last night was a Tuesday night HIT team practice, only two more practices before Eugene! Crazy! Tonight is the kickoff event for the Nike season, and tomorrow night is Nike recruiting over in Bellevue. I am still debating on which Saturday team run to attend…Nike is at Gasworks and Eugene is at Alki…and Alki is way more fun to run at! I may wait and see what the weather looks like…

I hope this rain decides to go away soon! Hope you are having a great week


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