Marathon #2?

First of all, a foot update. My massive stiletto-heel-inflicted bruise looks horrible but has not kept me from running (thank goodness!). My feet are looking pretty rough from this barrage of injury but they are feeling pretty decent. Last night’s training run started off a little hard, I had some uncomfortable spots but they worked themselves out and after 40 minutes or so I was feeling great. It felt good to end on a good note from that run.

 My team went to the Latona Pub for burgers after practice and over dinner my running buddy Crystal and I came up with the idea of mentoring for the fall marathon season for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco (race is October 17th). All proceeds got to Leukemia Lymphoma Society which is awesome, and it is 20,000 women showing how strong and amazing we are. It is supposed to be an unbelievable race experience, and I think I want to be a part of it. Crystal and I are considering being mentors for a group of women in Seattle, helping them come up with fundraising ideas, encouragement etc. We would make a dynamic duo! We are both having some pro-con decisions, can we fundraise $2500 right after finishing this season? Do I want to commit the time to keep running all summer? Will my body be ok with running another marathon?

I am grappling with these questions and would love to hear your thoughts.


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