Spilled Coffee and Sore Feet

Spilling my coffee at work is about an every-other weekly occurrence. I specifically keep it located on my right side, my laptop on my left to keep electronics and liquid apart. It has worked pretty well for the most part. I have a few brown stains on my large note pad, but nothing too horrible has happened. Well, today my mouse and mousepad got caught up in the action. I had a puddle of coffee across my desk (away from the computer thank goodness) but the mousepad is now hanging out to dry. My cube neighbors suggested a coffee sippy cup. Anyone have suggestions?

After a week of not running (or being able to wear any kind of shoes) going back to practice last night was a bit of a challenge. My blisters are almost totally healed and my bruises look much more awful than they feel, so the effects of my skiing adventure are pretty much forgotten. However, I am still having foot pain related to running. I am going up to the running store tonight and hopefully will get some solutions.

I had a great weekend at home. My mom’s friend Carol was up for a visit and we just bummed around. Friday night she, my parents, and the Chaplin family came down to see Andrew (ex-roommate) and his band play a show in Freemont at Nectar. We did not leave Seattle till after 11 at night, so I decided to just crash back at my place and drive to Ferndale in the morning. Smart plan. I was way too tired to drive that night. Saturday I arrived in time to have breakfast with them!

We played games and visited Grandma and baby Gracie, ran errands, just did the normal stuff. We had a fabulous corned beef and cabbage dinner with a recipe for corned beef that I heard on NPR. We are making it this way from now on! It was amazing! We boiled it like normal, then sliced off the fat and finished it in the oven at 375 degrees with a Dijon mustard and honey glaze until it was crispy on top. Wow. So good. We taught Carol to play Settlers…I think she is hooked!

It’s a short work week for me. I am heading to Pullman for one final hurrah visiting college friends before everyone graduates or leaves town this summer. Probably the last chance I will have to go over there and really still feel like I fit in and belong there. I am looking forward to the drive, fingers crossed it is not raining. I am running a 5k, the Campus on the Run race is on Saturday, so I am incorporating that into my long training run that day.

Time is flying! The weekends on my calendar is already full till June!


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