Running Pains

My feet are still not happy. I have been nursing a few spots on my left foot that make running (or rather after running, pretty uncomfortable). I am going to take my shoes in to be checked, as that may be a part of the problem. I had taken it easy on the running part of training this week to give my feet a rest. To make up for it I spent some quality time at our gym at work with our trainer kicking my butt in gear. I have not been as focused on my weight training and “other” workouts since the marathon training began, and I defiantly felt it when I was back working out this week! Pullups are hard when you havent been doing them!

Today I took the long run easy, cutting the time in half to ease some of the foot impact. We were running on Mercer Island, yet another new place for me to explore in Seattle. This is the posh neighborhood between Seattle and Bellevue on the island you pass through on the I-90 bridge. Lots of home for sale, no doubt beyond my price range. I am pretty sure West Seattle is more my style anyway.

The run felt good, and my foot is not feeling too bad. It makes me think, “huh, I bet I could have run the whole loop.” I am sure I could have, but I remind myself that I was listening to what my body was telling me, and it was telling me that running the whole 13 mile loop was not a good choice today. I listened. Sometimes listening can be demoralizing, but it allows me to keep running in the long run.

I grabbed some groceries and sushi on the way home, and have been tackling cleaning my apartment. I scrubbed my whole bathroom, switched Alki onto Swheat Scoop cat litter (we will see how that goes), am doing major loads of laundry and will be making a turkey meat loaf for dinner. When chores are done I get to chill and watch some Redbox movies I brought home. Should be a good, low key night.

Tomorrow I am hoping to head up to Hyak at Snoqualmie Pass for cross country skiing. I am still looking for a ski buddy and have not found anyone available (there was interest though so that is good to know for future reference) so I may be making it a solo adventure day. Off to do another load of laundry. It has clouded over too so curling up with Alki and a movie sounds pretty good!


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