Oh What a Beautiful Day

Saturday was picture perfect in Seattle. Crystal clear mountain views, a soft spring breeze and most importantly, sunshine and 58 degrees! It was a glorious day for a training run, 12 miles from Alki Point to Lincoln Park and back. I had a fantastic run with my running buddy Crystal, we kept a good pace and managed to do some intervals. Afterwards a group of us jumped in the Sound to ice for 10 minutes, then we all trooped down to Alki Cafe for breakfast. I split an amazing veggie omelette with one of the other women, perfect finish to a great run.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my apartment, life had gotten in the way of staying on top of it these past 2 weeks and it was driving me nuts! My parents came in to town around 4 and we went to Costco and out for fish and chips for dinner. I shared with them the news that the house I live in may be torn down this summer if permitting goes through, but my landlord would move me to his penthouse apartment in his house down the street if that happens, or I get to stay here for another year if the permitting does not go though. Win win! I love living on the water, this summer will be fantastic. I can’t wait to have people over for BBQs and watching the sunset over the Sound.

Today is baking day! We are having a fundraising Team in Training bake sale at work on monday, I am making Hello Dollies and monster cookies, mom brought a sour cream cake and chocolate chip banana bread to contribute, dad sent down 300 daffodils to sell too! It is so cool that my parents are able to be involved in my life down here in Seattle.

Oh what a wonderful weekend! Seattle is amazing! Now if only water taxi season would hurry up and get here…


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