Hotdog Experts – Redesign Needed for the Childhood Staple

Since I moved to Seattle and decided that it was time to try life as an adult, I have converted to listening to only NPR as I drive to work and around town. I know, I know, I gave in to what I used to complain about all the time riding with my mom. I have become addicted, and don’t even have another station programmed in my car. Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, I heard a story about the American Academy of Pediatrics making the official statement that hotdogs were hazardous to kids health, and need to consider a re-design. Apparently about 12 children die each year by choking on the processed childhood diet staple. It was a serious report, even going as far as NPR calling a hot dog executive at a hot dog company for comment. I was actually laughing out loud as he was recommending that parents choose long, thin hot dogs for their kids or cut them up, rather than give them jumbo dogs:

“You know, if you’re buying these behemoth hot dogs, I wouldn’t recommend you feed those to a kid. If you’re looking for a nice narrow hot dog, a less diameter hot dog, I think that’s a lot safer for a little kid to eat” – Eric Hummel of Hummel Brothers Meat Products

I was laughing all the way across the West Seattle bridge after that one. And yes, although I hardly ever eat them, I still love hot dogs.

Anyway, back to more serious topics than hotdog re-design, marathon training has been held up a bit by a case of swollen knees. Saturday’s run gave me a swollen left knee, and it went away, but then wearing heels at work aggravated it again (totally my fault I know), so tonight I am taking it easy and did some yoga and iced it rather than hitting the pavement. Luckily it is a recovery week anyway, so I am not loosing too much ground.

I am going through new hire training at work. As a new hire that has been working since June I am not learning a ton, but it is a good way to get to know new faces around the office. And get free lunch. I usually bring my lunch or just supplement what I bring with soup from the deli (we have awesome homemade soup at work) but these two days I get treated to lunch at work. I even gave in a had a deli brownie today…desserts at work are so good I only let myself eat them on meeting days, otherwise I would probably gain about 15 pounds! Tomorrow is more training, then I will be able to get back to regularly scheduled work days.

Oh, and the flowering trees are blooming. Crocus are up, tulips almost out. Spring is in Seattle…hopefully it decides to stay!


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