Ice Bath in the Lake

Sunny days in Seattle in February…ARE AMAZING!!! With for forecast of nothing but clear skies and promises of 60 degrees, Seattleites are out enjoying this break from the rain. This morning we had our Team in Training weekly long run…16o minutes today! We ran down in Kent near Lake Meridian, and I passed a huge milestone: running a half marathon distance! Woohoo! I felt so much better than last week’s run. Maybe it was the sunshine, maybe it was the fact that I was able to practice this week, maybe it was that I spread out taking my Shot Bloks throughout the run instead of waiting for the energy crash. Whatever the reason, this run felt way better. By the end of the slightly hilly 160 minutes though my hips and knees were really getting tight, so I opted to join some of the guys and ice our legs in the lake. Much of our team was heading home to jump in an ice bath anyway, but we had a lake that was cold, so we went for it. We stayed in for the recommended 10 minutes, I went up to my waist in the frigid water. It hurt, but did my body so much good. I still need to ice my knees again, but I think it will really help my recovery.

On the way home, so many people were out. Bikers, runners, families walking dogs and strollers. Everyone is out enjoying the sunshine. I am going to take it easy and read this afternoon and make pizza, and save my energy for an adventure tomorrow. Not sure what it will be yet. I was thinking of riding my bike to a ferry and exploring one of my local islands. Or finding a hike. We will see what the day brings. This is quite the view to recover to…snow capped mountains, sailboats out on the sparkling blue sound, and bright rays of sunshine.


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