Checkerboard Calendar

I am at it again…getting involved in yet another activity that I am excited about! My calendar is a rainbow of events/meetings/activities…just how I like it. This time it is a group that I have been interested in for a long time (rather than my random adventures like kite boarding which came out of left field!). I am getting involved with Engineers Without Borders, an organization that focuses on “community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership.” I am interested in getting involved with some of the African development projects through the Puget Sound Professionals chapter, and went to their chapter meeting last night. I am so excited to get involved with a project, and also try to reach out and provide mentoring to help out the WSU Chapter of EWB. It is a great way for me to help give back to my school and help out development in Africa…two things that are very important to me.

Of course, adding a new organization presents some time conflicts. Last night I had to split my time between my Team in Training halfway party (we are halfway!!!) and the EWB meeting, there are just not enough hours! It was fun to get together with my running team in normal clothes and hang out, reflecting on how far we have come. It is hard to believe that the marathon is so close! I went for a wonderful easy run yesterday. It was sunny and 50 degrees…perfect time to run along the Alki waterfront in shorts and a t-shirt, waves crashing and crystal clear views of the mountains and Sound. What a beautiful place! I love living here.

My weekends are quickly becoming checkerboarded between being in Seattle and out of town! I am heading home this weekend, then have a trip to Pullman planned, a trip to Boise, and then the marathon. Week roll by so fast when you have so many things to do! It keeps life exciting though.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful and warm (56! Shorts weather!) so I hope to get out to the mountains on Sunday. Saturday is a 160 minute run. One hundred and sixty. Wow. That is a long run. I better go buy some more Shot Blocks…


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