Best Single Valentines Day EVER!

What’s a single girl to do on a day filled with pink hearts, flowers, chocolate and smooches? Go shopping of course! I have needed a new work wardrobe and so I went off to find on today…and boy did I find it! Not only was I looking for what seemed like everything (pants, shoes, tops, dresses…oh boy) but President’s weekend sales were there to help me out! I started (and pretty much finished) at the Banana Republic outlet store. I found some great dresses, work pants, tops, and a pair of jeans! Spent well above the amount necessary to justify opening a credit card there and getting the extra 25% off (everything was already at least 40% off. After Banana I went around the rest of the outlet mall, picked up a frying pan at Calphalon, some boots at Nine West, another pair of jeans and some shoes at Bass. I crashed in my car eating the PB&J I packed (yes I will spend a ton at the mall but refuse to pay to eat there too!) and then headed to Kohls…found a clearance sweater, then went to Nordstrom Rack and found a jacket, two pairs of shoes, and another pair of jeans. Then it was to World Market for some spices, ramekins and chocolate, and finally back home in the rain.

I broke out my new pizza stone and made a pesto/chicken/mushroom/goat cheese pizza with whole wheat crust…amazing. Pizza, glass of wine and snuggle with my kitty…end to a great Valentines day!


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