Back on the West Side

It was so good to be back on campus this weekend! I feel pretty fortunate to still have so many people to visit over there…that won’t last long so I am planning another trip soon! Saturday was jam packed. Jenny and I went to Moscow to meet the Honors Posse for breakfast at the Breakfast Club, went to run some errands, then I managed to sneak in a swim at the rec (my second home in college) and before the Arizona game. What a game! It was defiantly worth driving across the state for! Sorry to say that it was my grandparent’s team that we beat so I can’t rub it in too much, but it was really exciting to win so solidly!

Saturday night I went out with a bunch of girlfriends, we had a ball and hit Mike’s and Valhalla for 80s night. We danced till the lights came up and headed home to crash around 2. I have not had as fun of a night in a long time. The next morning Jenny and I slept in and then made pancakes. I left town around noon, dropping her off at a coffee shop to study and I headed back across the state. Some people complain about that drive…I love it. It gives me so much time to think and just clear my mind. I got hooked on a story on NPR This American Life about the history of an abandoned house…and of course went over the pass at the end of it so I don’t know how it ended! I need to look that up…

This week I have a friend of a friend staying with me. My friend Katie in Indiana had a friend that needed a couch to crash on, so her friend Ryan is staying with me for 3 days while interviewing for a job in Seattle. I got my hair cut in Seattle last night (I finally gave in to finding a new salon down here. I miss Gina in Bellingham, she was the best!). My parents headed to Belize this morning, so last night they stopped by to go out for pizza with me. It is always good to see them. They surprised me with a “congrats on your new job” present of a small food processor…I have been wanting one forever. I need to make some pesto!!!

Tonight I will start running again. It has been a long dry spell with this awful cough, but it is pretty much gone and I am excited to get back out there and train some more. The marathon is coming up quick! My hip and knee are feeling better after that massage last week, and I am going again on Friday for a follow up appointment. Hopefully practice feels good tonight!


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