I am finally feeling better! Still a bit of a cough hanging around, but much much better than a few days ago.

Today I got a massage from the guy up at Run 26 in Lynnwood. This is our psudo-Team-In-Training store, they are great people with amazing skills for fitting shoes, injury prevention, etc. Dale does a unique type of massage, focusing on certain points in your body with a pulsing machine…this is not your relaxing spa experience! It really digs out deeply bedded problems and tight IT bands etc…all issues that have popped up in my running. This should help my knee and other leg issues that were developing. It was a somewhat painful process but my body is already feeling a lot better. I am looking forward to getting back to running.

Tomorrow morning I head off to Pullman for a weekend visit. I am staying with Jenny and am planning to see a whole slew of people, and go to the WSU/Arizona basketball game on Saturday night. Then it is 80’s night with my old housemate and going-out-partner-in-crime Kathy! Two things I really miss about college. I am taking the day off work tomorrow to get an earlier start, and should be in Pullman around noon. I can’t wait!

It feels so much better to feel healthy and work anxiety alleviated. February is off to a great start!


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