Mom’s Chicken Soup

Being sick is miserable. Having your mom visit and make you chicken soup does help though. I have been coughing and feeling feverish since Tuesday now, but yesterday mom and dad drove down from Ferndale to go to a show and visit with me. We went to one of my favorite Seattle bars, the Marco Polo (a little Coug dive with awesome fried chicken in Georgetown) for lunch and to watch WSU play. We were only able to stay for the first half, probably for the best because the second half was downright depressing. Moving on…

We went to see South Pacific and were going to go out to dinner afterwards, but I was feeling so rotten that we just came back to my place and mom made me chicken soup for dinner. We watched a movie, on our old couch just like old times. It is comforting to have your parents around when you are really sick.

I am not feeling much better today either. I have been drinking tea and watching movies, feeling pretty slow. I have discovered the wonders of warm milk with honey to ease a cough. It tastes good and is warm and comforting, and actually works. I wish I was feeling better. The prospect of going to work tomorrow does not sound great.


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