Textbook Good Eater…Until Dessert

When I started training for this marathon I decided to track what I ate, really just out of pure curiosity. I started using my iPhone with its cool easy to use apps, eventually finding one that was really easy to use (myfitnesspal.com if you were curious). I think what sold me on this one was the fact that it has pretty much the entire Trader Joe’s store in it’s database, which is pretty much all I eat so it makes it really easy. (Side note: have you ever tried the Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter? A-MAY-ZING…I may never go back to peanut butter again!) After tracking how I eat for a few months now I have actually learn a lot. First, I eat well! I have a balanced, varied diet that is really very healthy. I give credit to my mom who raised me on good, real food. I learned what I eat enough of and what I needed to improve on. My current task is trying to reign in my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth like you would not believe. I can eat the healthiest food all day long and be totally satisfied, until someone offers me something sweet. My first step was to stop buying ice cream. I know I can just down that so better to keep it out of the house. I replaced it with greek yogurt and frozen mango chunks…so yummy! But it still does not solve my cravings for cookies and cakes and other baked goods! Guess I had better keep running!

Speaking of running, this week has been out. I had a great run Saturday, a good morning workout Monday with yoga that night, then Tuesday I got sick. I have been nursing this awful cough (the kind that embarrassingly turns heads in the office) and felt horrible the past three days. In the evenings running is the last thing my body wants to do. This evening I did manage to go on a nice 40 minute walk by the water, but its not the same. I hope I can do Saturday’s long practice at Tiger Mountain. Good thing this was a scheduled recovery week! I sure need it.

Back to Soup Week: I made some really good Black Bean Yam Sausage soup…good thing is that it is really yummy! Bad thing is that one batch will last me a while so I will have to finish it before starting something new. My friend Lana is coming for dinner next Wednesday so I think I will make a Spicy Italian Sausage Tortilini Soup. Yum.


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