Pairing Down

I have been thinking about simplifying my life for a while now. When I left college, it took two huge cars PLUS my totally full-to-the-brim mini to get all my stuff back across the state. Why did I have so much stuff?! Moving again in November was a bit eaiser…partially because I had to cull before I moved into my first apartment, partially because I only moved a mile and multiple trips were an option. I have been consciously working to no acquire “stuff” but need to seriously work on pairing down what I have.

Goal 1 – Get my closet to function how I want it to! I have stacks and stacks of clothes I do not wear, and frankly probably won’t because they are not what I wear anymore. These days you are much more likely to find me in a dress or skirt for work than one of the 15+ pairs of worn looking jeans (that I may not even fit). I need to go through my closet with a fine toothed comb, then go on a meticulous shopping trip to fill in the holes. Like an office jacket. I don’t have one, and it’s a staple that would get a lot of use.

Goal 2 – Use the food I have. I have a tendancy to buy lots of stuff when it is on sale…which is a great way to save money and have food on hand…but only if you use it! I am going through my shelves and making menu ideas that will help me free up space (soup is great for this…hence, soup week!).

Goal 3 – I guess driving less is not really “pairing down” but I am still making it a priority. Less driving means less gas, less pollution, more savings, and probably more rewarding time spent on something better than sitting in my car.

Now I just have to do it.


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