Pancakes with Peanut Butter

Picture the perfect Saturday morning. It probably includes a nice sleep in, then waking up to a good breakfast and a sunny day, with some set agenda, not enough to feel rushed, but at least motivated and excited to do something. My great Saturday’s start off with a slightly different scenario, but I still look forward to them.

This morning I woke up to my alarm well before the sun came up, fed my cat, downed a smoothie and drove to the other end of Seattle for my weekly long team training run. I was apprehensive about going out on the long, hilly, 130 minute run after Tuesday’s running pain. I talked with my coaches and we decided that I needed to take it easy, and do a shorter loop that would not take me as far from the parking lot in case I ran into pain and needed to walk back. I ran with another woman and we took our time easing into the half-marathon training loop. We got back to the cars at 90 minutes pain free, so I did 20 more minutes on my own just around the park. I was so happy that I felt ok! Rest did me well this week. I am still going to take it easy in the coming weeks, but I was glad that the horrible pain was gone.

After practice we had breakfast at a teammates house…amazing bacon, potatoes, eggs, and pancakes….oh how I love pancakes! In college I developed a taste for pancakes topped with peanut butter and syrup. Don’t judge, just try it sometime. It feels good to be warm and well fed after a long run.

I am going to have a relaxing afternoon and then go out in Seattle to see my old roommate’s band play at a local club. Right now though, I feel like a need a nap and to ice my knees. Like I said, it feels like a pretty close to perfect Saturday.


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