Why We Run

This morning I treated myself to a cup of coffee. I had switched to green tea so that I would have less caffeine in my system, and therefore stay more hydrated, but I missed the comforting, bold flavor and sat down with a steaming cup when I started my computer this morning.

I am taking a short break from running, giving my body a chance to take a breath and recover after Tuesday’s run. I will get out on the trails and take it easy on Saturday and see how I feel, but till then it is rest time. Even taking a few days off is hard, and is mentally discouraging. I know it is the best move for my body, but it triggers feelings of loosing time and hard work. Luckily my coaches, friends and fellow runners are all encouraging, telling me I still have time and this is just a phase I need to get through. Race day is still 3 months away and I have plenty of time.

I was selfishly too concerned with how low I was feeling to reflect on our dedication at practice Tuesday night, the real reason we are all out there running day after day. As our TNT team huddled before practice, talking about where we would run, the party on Wednesday night, etc etc, we received a story about a girl who we would dedicate practice to that night. She was a 27 year old pharmacy student, who 2 weeks before christmas was thought to be in remission from leukemia. This happy news was shattered a few weeks ago when the aggressive cancer came back, sadly taking her life Tuesday morning, 1 week after her 27th birthday. This is why we run. Because people are still loosing this battle everyday. Please continue to support me as I train in memory of these cancer patients and their families. Words of encouragement and donations to LLS in memory of someone all help make a difference in this journey to cure cancer.


In the meantime, I am going to nurse myself back into shape and get back out on the trails.


I would like to send a big thank-you to all of you who are sending me words of encouragement while I am facing this rough spot in my life. I cannot tell you enough how much it means to me.

Thank you so much, Lauren


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