Fallen Spirits Lifted

The rain is back. We have had pretty good weather this week, at least it has been dry and relatively mud free for running. Tuesday night we had a good hill run out at Greenlake with the team. I ran with two other women from TNT, both great role models and so inspiring. One is the oldest person on the team. She is 57 and outpaces me! We are about the same speed but my endurance needs work so after about 45 minutes I start to drop. She is fantastic and always sticks with me so I don’t fall behind. Running with these people, all of them, is such a wonderful experience. The sense of community and support is overwhelming, and really makes this training unlike anything I have ever done.

On Wednesday I met up with a small group of TNT runners for a 50 minute loop on Phinny Ridge and Greenlake. I was feeling a little sore and slower than the day before, but I am learning that my body has adapted to this running and about 20 minutes in to the run I find my groove. I have never experienced the “runners high” that apparently is out there, but getting out there and running and being comfortable feels awesome. Unfortunately, towards the end of the run my shins were starting to give me warning signs of shin splints. Taking two days off is probably wise.

Ok, I will admit it…I have developed ulterior motives for running. Friends, exercise…yea those are great, but one of the coolest things I have discovered is that running is a great way to explore Seattle. I love houses and architecture, and Seattle has some awesome homes scattered throughout the endless neighborhoods. I am still learning my way around, and even just by driving, you never really get the “feeling” of a neighborhood. Running changes that. When I am out for a run I mentally take notes of houses I like (there are far too many to count!) and general areas that I like. Someday I will be in the market to own a home, and running will help me find that house!

From reading back in this post, it sounds like I have had a stellar week. Well, that is not quite true. Actually, the opposite. I have been so down this week and really just not happy (can’t imagine what I would have been like without running!). My best friend Jenny even called my mom to make sure I was ok after I didn’t respond to a voicemail. It feels good to know that I have people looking out for me. I cant quite put my finger on the source of this funk, but I think it mostly settles around the chaos of making my job permanent. I am getting really frustrated with the lack of action and my projects this week were just not going their smoothest. It has been a hard week.

…BUT, back on the positive side…I am doing MUCH better today! Last night my group of friends from work and some additional people got together to cook dinner at our friend Rishi’s new apartment. He just bough a condo overlooking the Space Needle in downtown. It has an awesome view and a kitchen that needed to be broken in. We made curry, beef stir fry, rice, and salad, then topped all that off with fried bananas in coconut milk with vanilla ice cream and cappuccino cheesecake! What a feast! Top if off with a few bottles of wine and it was a great, fun evening that was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits. It is amazing what friends can do.


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