Christmas Wedding Bells

This was a fun Christmas. There were 11 of us at my parent’s for Christmas, playing games and eating way too many amazing baked goods! My grandparents from Tucson came up as did my aunt, uncle and cousins from San Fran. We were not given a white Christmas, but it was still a great holiday.

n Sunday I flew to Spokane for a wedding. My friend Kelsey from high school was getting married…my first wedding attending as a real guest and not just a kid! It was fun to see so many people from high school. The wedding was at a beautiful old home, the Bogart Mansion, just outside of Spokane. It was cold but not snowy (thank goodness, or it would have been a pain getting around!). We had fun at the wedding, lots of dancing and socializing with old friends, then all went back to the bride’s parents to crash for the night. The next morning I met up with my best friend Jenny for breakfast. It was great catching up with her, especially last minute in a random location! We had breakfast at the Ramada Inn by the airport then I checked in an managed to go standby on an earlier flight back to Seattle. I even managed to get upgraded to first class! Woohoo! I really appreciated having the extra time at home to decompress and do laundry after the hustle and bustle of the holiday chaos. My kitty was pretty happy to see me too.

Still waiting to hear about a permanent position at work. I am being patient but it is getting frustrating and I am starting to explore backup options if it does not pan out.


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