Quick Synopsis of Kauai

I am sitting in the Lihue airport killing time and tapping this out on my iPhone, just wanting to capture the highlights of the trip before I hit cold wet Seattle weather and reality zaps it all from memory.

In order of roughly the top 10 from our family week in Kauai:

1) Kipu falls – waterfall with a sweet rope swing
2) Makewehi cliffs – awesome views of the lithified cliffs on the south coast, we followed a troop of two horse riders, their dogs and a tag-along pony. We also got lucky and had calm waters to snorkle in and saw a giant triton eating a sea cucumber. So cool!
3) Getting tan in December
4) Jumping in waves at Queens Bath
5) Seeing breaching whales and dolphins (even from a distance it is impressive)
6) Buying an 8 1/2 lb pineapple
7) Playing Settlers at Catan every evening
8) Coconut cream pie at the BBQ Inn
9) Hiking to waterfalls
10) Spending time with my family living the island life again!

I had been going through beach withdrawls…this should help me make it a few more months!


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