Satsuma Overload

I have devoured a box of satsuma mandarin oranges in the past week, and bought another box today. They are probably one of my favorite winter things. Little orange orbs of goodness.

This has been a fabulous weekend. Yesterday started with an 80 minute run in the UW arboretum for TNT practice. It was 28 degrees when we started, but was a beautiful and great feeling run. I think I actually prefer running in the cold to running when it is hot out. After practice we went out for breakfast then all went our separate ways to warm up and get clean. 5 of us met up an hour later to wander around Pikes Place Market in the sunshine. We got mini doughnuts and went down to the marina and basked in the sun (and freezing cold).

I have a new goal: do the St. Croix half Ironman in May 2011. I would love to go back and compete in the race I used to watch as a kid.

From there I went down to visit the Ulrich’s tree farm in Maple Valley. I hung out with Dan and Lana at the farm, then we went back to meet Benny to watch the WSU basketball game. Depressing game, we did not even watch the whole thing. I hope the season gets better!

Today I ran errands: bought some christmas presents, grocery shopping, bought cat food, and went to the farmers market. Then I topped that all off with a sunset run along the beach. I am now heading out to have dinner with some friends. It was a great weekend.

This time next week I will be in Hawaii with my familia!


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