Sunrise Over Seattle

On my way to work this morning the sunrise could not have been more perfect. Streaks of pink, blue, gray, and bright orange highlighted Mt. Rainer and the Seattle skyline. It was breathtaking. It was cold and crisp with the promise of sunshine…the perfect winter morning in WA. Mornings like this make the commute so much better, but that the same time, they make me wish I was heading out for a day of hiking adventure rather than sitting in my cube.

Update on my marathon training: Runs are defiantly getting easier! I went for a 4 mile loop run on Thanksgiving back home and it felt like a warm up. I ran on Sunday along Alki Beach, then again on Tuesday with TNT group practice out at Greenlake. I feel like my body is beginning to adjust to the impact (biggest obstacle for me) and I am hardly sore after a run anymore. I am loving it! Now I need to start getting creative about fundraising.

I am excited for this weekend. I am running at the Arboretum with TNT on Saturday morning, then hanging out with friends and visiting a Christmas tree farm. I also need to set up my new TV. I am determined to figure it out myself and NOT give in to calling a boy to help!


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