Marathon Training in the Rain!

Life in Seattle has gotten busier and busier with each passing day! My calendar back in June was filled with large chunks of free time, now it is a rainbow of events that fill every day to the max! I have neglected my blog these past few weeks because I simply have so much going on.
Some new developments:

• I have a new apartment! It is still near to Alki Beach, but I will be farther away from the beachfront scene in favor of a single, basement apartment with my own private oceanfront deck and patio. I can literally jump of my seawall into the Puget Sound.
I have spent the past week cleaning, painting and designing my furniture layout for this neat little space. I wanted to repaint and make the place feel like “mine” and was dying to use zero-VOC paint that was chemical free but could not stomach the price tag for it (let alone any regular paint at full price!). I choose instead to go to EcoHaus (my sweet neighborhood Home-Depot-of-Sustainable-Building-Supplies!) and peruse their mis-mixed paint selection. I found two beautiful colors that worked well together for the amazing price of $8 a gallon! Much more in my price range than $40! I am almost done painting and cannot wait to move in this weekend.

• I am training for the Eugene half marathon with Team in Training! This group trains together for the marathon while raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to support blood cancer research and the families these diseases impact. I will be training with this inspirational group over the next 26 weeks in the Seattle rain, and will run in Eugene on May 2, 2010.

I will be using this blog to keep you updated on the physical, mental and emotional path that this training will be. I am so excited to learn a new sport while running for a cause with so many passionate people. I am also asking for donations to support this cause. It does not matter if you can donate $10 or $1,000…every penny counts in this fight against cancer. To donate, please visit my LLS site, and send the link on to your friends and family. Blood cancers touch everyone and it is up to all of us to help find a cure.

• Carbon Coach training will end this week, and then I will be heading off to change the way people think about turning on lights, driving and throwing stuff away. I am planning to do outreach in both the residential areas of Seattle as well as work with kids in the schools.

Seattle is getting rainy, but I love it! This busy year is flying by!!!


One thought on “Marathon Training in the Rain!

  1. Lauren, Our church is Promoting Green living. The day school-pre-school-posts a monthly green hint-like turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Do you have some short hints that a 4yr. old can do? Love, Grammy

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