Cider Pressing

When life gives you apples, you make apple cider. Well, in our case, when you grandfather gives you an antique cider press (circa 1869), you rebuild it, find apples, and make cider! I celebrated Halloween and my 23rd birthday at my parents house with a group of friends pressing cider. 55 gallons worth actually. It has been raining all week, torrential downpours that really made you wish you had an umbrella (I am a big believer in being a “real” Washingtonian and not using one, but am about to give in. Well, we woke up Saturday to sunshine and a clear fall day! Perfect weather for pressing cider! My mom and I spent the morning cooking (black forest birthday cake, turkey, carrot puff, bean soup, ribs and smoked pork…it was a harvest feast!) and then headed outside to press cider. We had so many good friends come over for the afternoon, parents friends, my college friend Katharine, Ben and Kelly came up from Seattle, my favorite science teacher from 7th grade, the Seck family, Dentingers, Burdicks, it was a great group. We ate and pressed cider until after dark, turning out back patio into a sticky, apply mess, but filling gallon after gallon jug with beautiful, clear brown cider. It is so good, especially hot when you have chilly hands! That night The young crowd made a fire out in the fire pit and hung out there till almost 11 (39 degrees finally got to us and we came inside to escape the cold). It was a great 23rd birthday party.

New development: I am signing the lease on a new apartment! I found one about 2 miles from my current place, also right on the water but not a beach. It is a great little place in the basement of a house, complete with deck and patio and a breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. I am signing papers today and should be moving in a week or two. I cannot wait to have my own place! I am so ready.

23 is going to be a good year. Each one just seems to get better and better. It will be exciting to see what adventures this one brings.


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