Seattle Fall Markets

October weekends filled up fast! This was going to be my only weekend in the city this month, so I decided to take advantage of the time and do my own thing. Friday night I had dinner with friends, lots of good food and wine and games. Saturday morning I woke to a surprisingly non-threatening sky (it had been pouring all night long) so I headed down to the water taxi to go downtown. I have been working really hard to reduce the amount that I drive, so decided to experiment with taking the free shuttle bus to the dock. Well, it did not arrive when I expected it so I ended up jumping in my car for the short drive and zipping down to the water taxi just in time. The ride across the harbor was beautiful. The water taxi only runs for two more weeks this season, so it was probably my last chance to take advantage of this wonderful service.

I walked up 1st Ave to Pike’s Place and was stopped on the street by an older man who struck up a conversation with me. He was from Algeria and we talked about traveling and living in Seattle, etc. We stopped at Tully’s for some coffee to escape the rain and then parted ways to go about our days. I love having random encounters and meeting people. I met another friend that day, a girl standing behind me in line checking out at Ross. We were stuck in line for a good 25 minutes and started talking. She is an international student studying at UW. We ended up going to Nordstrom together and made plans to meet up again sometime.

My shopping day was unbelievably successful. I am not a big shopper, but I have had some key items on my list for a long time that I have been unable to find: a little black dress and a respectable looking rain/trench coat. I managed to find BOTH! I got a stunning black dress (that I would have never picked, but the saleslady at Nordstrom hung in my dressing room) and a pearly white button down raincoat. Now I just need to find some fancy cocktail parties to go to!

I found an apple cinnamon roll at Pirosky Pirosky for lunch and munched on that by Pike’s Place when the sun came out. The early afternoon brought in strong winds from the west and cleared out the clouds. You can definantly tell fall is here. The rotating flower displays at Pike’s Place have started bringing out dried flowers. Only a few stands had fresh ones at all, and they were mostly bouquets of ornamental kale and other odd fall things. Everyone is dressed a bit warmer and the tourists come in smaller hoards. It feels more like a locals market once fall comes. It was a beautiful (windy!) afternoon, and made for a beautiful water taxi ride home. I went to Trader Joes to get some staples (greek yogurt, salad, tortillas and a whole free-range chicken). I had planned to bake the chicken Saturday night, but got a call from Ben asking me if I wanted to go over to our friend’s (also named Ben) house for dinner and a movie. We went to Ben’s for really good pasta and bread with pesto and fresh garden veggies. Yum. Ben gave us a tour of his house and all the remodeling projects associated with it. It made me want to buy a house so badly! I cannot wait to have my own projects and creative design outlet. Someday, someday…

This morning I cleaned my apartment, did laundry, and then pulled out my bike to ride to the farmer’s market. I took the long route to get there, riding along Beach Drive on the west side of West Seattle. It felt good to be out and not driving. One of my favorite houses is for sale…a gigantic old home overlooking the water. It is beautiful, one of the older homes in the area. I pulled my bike over to look at the description and price. With a $2.2 Million price I think it may be out of my budget for now, but a girl can always dream! That’s why I started saving from day 1!

The market is filled with fresh fall greens, potatoes, apples, squash, beets, carrots, honey, meat, pumpkins…you name it! I parked my bike and bought some carrots, celery, onions and salad greens. I am going to make some stock after I bake my chicken and make a huge pot of soup.

I am looking forward to a busy week at work, followed by a fabulous weekend visiting my brother in CA. I have not seen him in months, so this will be a great treat. For now, I am going to put on some music and cook and watch the ferries go by in the afternoon sunshine.


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