Weekend in Ferndale

I decided to go home this weekend and help my parents do some manual labor (ok, really I decided to go home and got roped into doing manual labor…that is more accurate). I left Seattle around 6:30 on Saturday morning and had a beautiful drive up to Ferndale. I got there just as mom and dad were getting up and so after breakfast we loaded up into the truck to go get a load of firewood. It feels pretty cool going and getting your heat source for the winter. My parents heat their house with wood and never even have to turn on the heat (ok, another inaccuracy: they DO need to turn it on sometimes but they DON’T…yes, their house is freezing in the winter. No wonder everyone lives in the living room within 15 feet of the fire all season.) We got wood then ran errands around town. We grandma and my friend Daniel over for dinner…complete with an amazing fresh apple pie for dessert. We have so many apples at home and they are all amazing. It is fun walking around the orchard and trying each different kind. We also cleaned out all the miscellaneous building crap that was all around the driveway. We had a massive bonfire and burned all sorts of rotting boards. It feels good to tackle a manageable project that will really make an obvious difference. My parents really need to get a barn. My idea was to have a barn raising party next spring and get one up.

Speaking of apples, we decided to have a harvest party in honor of the cider press that dad is refinishing (better get it done quick!) on Halloween weekend. It will be fun to have people over to press cider all day and hang out and carve pumpkins. I am hopefully going to have some of my Seattle friends come up too. Good way to celebrate my birthday as well!

Sunday I went to my friend Kelsey’s bridal shower. It was the first one I have ever been to, and it was really fun. She had it at Camp Casey, the old military fort down on Whidbey Island…beautiful day looking out from an old fancy house on the cliffs going down to the Sound. Absolutely beautiful. It was fun to catch up with girls I have not seen in year. Two have babies about 2 months old now…it is strange being in this time of life when some people are in school, some are moms, some are just getting married, some have no plans at all, some are living at home and doing nothing…everyone is going in a different direction. I have to say I am pretty happy where my early 20s have put me.


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