Engineering A Way to Beat the Rain

Safeco field: a landmark in Seattle, yet a place that I have only been to twice. I went to my second Mariners game last night with a really fun group of people from work. It had been dreary all day, and I was prepared to get soaked on my walk from the Cascadia building to the game, but luckily it was just sprinkling. I was also prepared to be sitting in the rain for the game, but then realized I had forgotten the really cool fact that Safeco has a retractable roof! They closed it for the game (wish I could have seen that process) and so we were totally enclosed from the weather. So cool! I wandered around the beer garden talking and laughing and somewhat watching the game. Bad choice to wear heels: I was standing in them for hours, and my feet are still mad at me.

I feel so fortunate that I am slowly gaining a group of “people” in Seattle, not quite friends, but people that I enjoy hanging out with and invite me along. Last night Ben, Rishi and I went to the USGBC Cascadia chapter for a wine and cheese event and to talk about green/sustainable building. It is taking some getting used to going out and being a young professional answering questions about my job. I still feel a bit like an imposter without business cards, but I will get them eventually.

I have been going out more with coworkers and making efforts to plan things with friends. My friend Lana and I are going out to dinner tonight and then to see the Pacific NW Ballet performance of Romeo & Juliette. Cannot wait! Then it is off to home for the weekend to catch up with my parents, get a haircut and go to my friend Kelsey’s bridal shower. Maybe I will find some time to study for LEED in there somewhere…I need to!

Fall has brought a new chapter, new friends and of course rain that tends to alter schedules a bit. The water taxi will only run for a few more weeks, and soon it will be dark when I leave home in the morning and when I leave the office at night. I am going to need to work on developing a new schedule and I am looking forward to the challenge.


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