The Tap-Tap-Tap of Keyboards and Raindrops

I am sitting at a coffee shop in West Seattle listening to the rain. Seattle is beginning to feel like fall, and it is wonderful. I love waking up to the sound of raindrops and the cool grey sky that blankets the mountains out my front window. I decided to take the day and stay inside and work on some of the “non adventure” things that I need to get done…top of the list: studying for my LEED exam. I have been working my first round of notes for the past few weeks almost everyday for a few hours after work. There is just so much material to learn that it takes multiple rounds of note consolidation to make it a digestible list of key ideas…and you hope that you got all the key bits that you needed to learn! I am working on making spreadsheets of the credits and the components of each one to get it into a more condensed format, and then will try to figure out how to make them into flash cards to flip through on my iPhone (technology integration, not my finest skill, but hey, it saves paper and would be pretty handy). I also brought along a book, some artwork that has been sitting under my bed in progress for WAY too long, and my computer to take advantage of internet access. My apartment no longer has real internet access and my phone just does not cut it for things like research.

I am really looking forward to fall in Washington. I am taking my healing blisters as a blessing in disguise because they are forcing me to stay in and work this weekend, but hopefully by the weather gets sunny again next weekend I can go find some more trails.


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