A Tale of Two Blisters

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a beautiful PNW day, it was the epoch of a glorious day to myself, it was the epoch of getting away from the city, it was the season of late summer, it was the season to go hiking, I had a trail before me, I had nothing slowing me down – in short, until those fateful blisters came.


To take advantage of the wonderful early September weekend, this morning I woke up, ate some breakfast and threw by backpack, boots, and a peanut butter sandwich in my car and headed for the mountains. I am still learning what is around Seattle (and I am learning that there is A LOT!), so I went to the ranger station at the Seattle REI and asked for some advice. I ended up driving East of North Bend to the Lake Annette trailhead. I could not find anyone to go last minute, so it was to be a solo hiking adventure, in other words, lots of good thinking time. The trail was pretty straightforward, 3 3/4 miles each way to the lake, pretty quick when you are by yourself. About halfway to the lake I realized how raw my heels felt. I had torn all the skin off with blisters the previous weekend on Heliotrope Ridge, and had thought that they were pretty well recovered. When I got to the lake and sat down for lunch, I decided to take off my boots and let my feet relax in the cold, clear lake water. Let’s just say that when those socks came off my heels were not a pretty sight. Blisters on top of that fragile layer of baby skin from last weeks adventure…they were not too happy. Luckily the trail down was DOWN, giving them a bit of a rest. Flip flops sure felt good when I got back to the car!

I am really looking forward to exploring more around this area this fall. There are so many trails and places to go, I really need to find some other people who are up for adventures! It is fine going alone once in a while, but especially for long trips or lots of driving, it sure is better having a buddy.


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