One Final Blast of Summer

Late summer gives us Washintonians some beautiful days. Today is already warm and sunny, just waiting for everyone to get outside. It was a long week at work, but I am not very stressed, probably mostly because iv the fact that my roommate is out of town and I know that I will be coming home to a clean apartment and not taking 45 minutes to clean every time I walk in the door. It makes my evenings much more relaxing.

On Thursday evening I met up with my best friend Jenny and her boyfriend Brian for the Weezer/Blink-182 concert. It was really fun and a beautiful night for an outdoor venue. We watched Mt. Rainer in the evening sun and then stars come out with a bright orange moon. Good night.

Today I am headed for Quest field in Seattle for the WSU vs Hawaii football game with a group of friends from college. Should be a great day for a game. I am planning to take the water taxi over and walk to the stadium.

No plans for tomorrow as of yet. I may try to find a hike somewhere and enjoy the last bit of this amazing pacific northwest summer.


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