Building Healthy & Green

I cannot wait till I can buy a house and remodel it. It has been on my life list for a LONG time now, but now that I am actually getting closer to it in reality (by closer I mean still years out) I am more serious about compiling ideas. I have narrowed down my favorite styles, and they seem to be pretty consistent to 1916-1918 craftsman style homes. There are some really cool ones in my neighborhood and I have been driving by and eyeing them out…for sale or not! Someday…

I went on a green homes tour/tour of the green building supply store called EcoHaus in town. Basically it was like a smaller Home Depot but all the building products and finishes were sustainable materials. So cool! I had been becoming familiar with so many more building codes, requirements for hazardous product components like VOCs etc from work, that this was a great way to incorporate those ideas into my dream list of things to put in my future home. Insulation that is made from blue jean factory scraps? So cool! I had been doing research on green wall finishes, VOC and toxin free paints etc, but my favorite product is called American Clay…a natural clay plaster that you use instead of paint. It lets your walls breathe, gives of negative ions, and is beautiful. Pretty cool stuff, you should check out their website. My favorite things are still sustainable hardwood flooring, cabinets and wool carpet though. It is amazing how unhealthy conventional products are from an environmental and heath standpoint when you start to look into it. I hope to someday (yes, I am already saving up) get my old craftsman home and make it green, healthy and beautiful. I wish I could start today! I guess I will be content to keep learning and refining my lists and ideas.


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