Getting Back Up

Learning something new always involves a few falls, some more painful than others, but they are all moments to learn from. I hit my first challenge with kiteboarding today, well, actually, what happened was I hit the sand…hard, and may have a fractured wrist to show for it. Falls like that give your confidence a good shaking, but I am going to use it as a learning experience (I don’t want to repeat that again!) and keep going. Hey, no matter what the sport you are going to get some bangs and bruises along the way, I have my first kite wreck…6,000 to go! My run-in with the sand ended my lesson today and I drove back home to Seattle (driving a stick was a challenge, but not too bad) and am ready to get back to Hood River as soon as I can.

I loved Hood River. It is beautiful, everyone is friendly, there are tons of breweries, everyone loves the outdoors…great vibe. New goal: find a funky little house near there to buy for the weekends. I think this will be my second home…I think I could juggle Seattle and Hood River. 🙂


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