7 to 7 to Avoid 101 Degrees

Yes, you read that right…101 in Seattle. Ick. WAY too hot! I luckily got to miss most of it, working away inside at my desk, putting in a long day of 10 1/2 hours. Trying to get caught up from missing work yesterday.

My car is fixed and I picked it up today (yay!), I finally made it to the grocery store (I was out of food) and treated myself to a yummy Papa Murphy’s pizza. I needed something easy since I did not make it home till almost 9 for dinner. It was too hot to eat earlier anyway. You could hear your tires sticking to the pavement while driving! I enjoyed my pizza and salad sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. All the concrete was still hot, but the evening breeze was beginning to take the edge off the heat. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, but then I am crossing my fingers for it to start cooling down. Us thin skinned Washingtonians can’t handle this heat!


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